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The doctor can give you medicine to keep you breathing more easily. Asthma medicine comes in two types: relievers and preventers.

Both relievers and preventers come as a fine powdered mist that you breathe in through your mouth through an inhaler. Sometimes, if your asthma is pretty bad, you can take the preventer medicine in tablet form as well.

There are several different relievers and preventers and your doctor will make sure you have medicine that suits you.

Relievers and preventers

Relievers are muscle relaxers, or bronchodilators, and they work immediately to make you feel better.

Preventers prevent asthma from happening in the first place, and are anti-inflammatory medicines. After you have taken the preventer for a while, the cells in your lungs don't overreact to harmless particles and trigger your asthma. Preventers need time to build up in your body and if you stop taking them because you feel OK, the medicine will eventually wear off and your asthma will come back!