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Medikidz Explain Type 1 Diabetes 2nd Ed | Comic Book Store
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What's up with Ashleigh? Medikidz Explain Type 1 Diabetes (2nd Ed)

PRICE: $14.99
A life-long health condition, type 1 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes found in children, 90-98 percent of young people under sixteen with diabetes have this type. Once diagnosed, most children can often find it overwhelming and difficult to understand what is happening inside their body. Suddenly, they are faced with the challenge of learning how to give injections, count carbohydrates and monitor blood sugar levels.

With this in mind, Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and Dr. Kate Hersov teamed up with a former Marvel graphic novel artist to create a series of comic books. Each comic is written by doctors and peer-reviewed by leading specialists in each respective therapy area. Medikidz is a resource designed to educate not only young patients, peers and their parents, but also to aid practitioners and educators in explaining health conditions as effectively as possible.
The books follow a team of five larger than life superheroes from outer space, with each Medikidz specialising in explaining a different part of the body. What's Up with Ashleigh? is an engaging way to educate children about the medical facts behind type 1 diabetes and how it can be treated.


Ashleigh is hiding quietly up a tree; her friends below are armed with water pistols and if they find her, she is in for a thorough soaking. But just as Ashleigh thinks she's escaped a soggy afternoon she starts to feel sleepy...she's had lunch but forgotten to take her insulin! In a panic, she calls a truce and hurries down the tree but loses her footing before reaching the floor and falls...
She wakes up in Mediland HQ surrounded by the five superheroes. They take her on an adventure to Mediland to explain type 1 diabetes. On the way, they get caught up in the epic annihilation of the beta cells by the immune system army and meet some very disgruntled glucose molecules. Will their insulin partners ever turn up? Will they ever be allowed into the glamorous Club Cell? Will Ashleigh make it through the day without getting drenched? Join her to find out, in this exciting Medikidz adventure.

Target age range is 8-15 years old
MK Diabetes T1 2nd Ed
Author(s): Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and John Taddeo
Publisher: Medikidz Limited 2012
Paperback: 32 pages 4pp Cover
Size: H26cm x W17cm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-906935-87-0


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