Giving Thanks

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, we at Medikidz wanted to express our gratitude for our Medi-community! We are so thankful for all of the support from those who make our mission possible: our partners, children and families, healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, professional organizations and anyone who has been touched by the Medikidz mission! Everyday, we […]


Universal Children’s Day

Today, November 20, is Universal Children’s Day. In 1954, The General Assembly of the United Nations recommended that all countries should have such a day, and since then, November 20 has become the annual day for celebrating international togetherness and awareness among children. An important part of this awareness is to help children become more informed about their […]


World Diabetes Day! November 14

(Written by Tobias Lindvall, Medikidz Business Development Manager) As mentioned in our previous blog post earlier this month, November marks the annual awareness opportunity for diabetes, and feeds into this year’s theme to highlight the need for ongoing diabetes education and support among people with diabetes and those who care for them. Today, November 14, […]