2016 Spina Bifida Association Conference!

Super flight? Super speed? Invisibility? Flight? Which superpower would you like to have?! This past weekend, we attended the 2016 Spina Bifida Association Conference in Minneapolis, MN along with our partner, Wellspect Healthcare, and were customizing superhero capes for all attendees based on their superpower of preference! We discussed and distributed our comic book,¬†Medikidz Explain […]


Camp Oz!

We had the best time at Camp Oz, an educational and fun camping experience for youth with seizures at YMCA’s Camp St. Croix near Hudson, WI, which is run by the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota. Along with our partner, Eisai and the Epilepsy Foundation, two of the Medikidz characters (Axon and Skinderella) arrived from Mediland […]


Medikidz Wins Gold & Silver DTC Perspectives Advertising Awards!!

Last week Medikidz captured two awards – MOST INNOVATIVE and BEST PATIENT ENGAGEMENT – at DTC PERSPECTIVES ADVERTISING AWARDS COMPETITION. Both victories were reflective of the groundbreaking work Medikidz has developed, in collaboration with Eisai, Inc., to raise awareness around epilepsy. The multi-platform campaign features the inspirational story of a teenage girl named Megan, who […]

child mind institute

Medikidz Partners with The Child Mind Institute!

Medikidz is excited to announce our collaboration with the Child Mind Institute, ‘an independent nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.’ Both Medikidz and The Child Mind Institute are committed to providing educational resources to children affected by these conditions to be more empowered and […]