Axon-mynameisBecoming unwell and having to go to hospital can be a very frightening experience. Many doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers do their very best to put patients at ease so they feel more comfortable.

However, one doctor believes that more can be done to make sure that all patients are treated with respect and compassion. Dr Kate Granger is a qualified doctor who also has incurable cancer. Having experienced both sides of the patient-healthcare relationship, she is well-placed to understand how to improve compassion in healthcare. Despite living with a serious illness, Dr Kate has started a campaign to help others.

Dr Kate says:Chi-mynameis (2)

“I’m a doctor and a terminally ill cancer patient. During a hospital stay in summer 2013 I
made the stark observation that many staff did not introduce themselves.

I firmly believe a friendly introduction is much more than common courtesy. It is about making a human connection, beginning a therapeutic relationship and building trust.”

Skindy-mynameis (2)Dr Kate’s campaign #hellomynameis invites healthcare workers to introduce themselves every time they meet a patient. The Medikidz fully support this!

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response on Twitter from many hospitals and healthcare workers who are all now committed to improving patient care using the hashtag hellomynameis.


by Ruth Renfrew